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The Buddy Montgomery Jazz Legacy Project

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The Buddy Montgomery Jazz Legacy Project was created to regenerate Buddy's objective to promote jazz as a musical art form and acknowledge those whose creative expression represent this unique style of music.  Additionally, to help inspire young music students to continue developing their talent and individual creativity.

Buddy Montgomery was a legendary "straight ahead jazz "pianist and vibraphonist. In addition to being one of the great pioneers of the jazz genre in his own right, Buddy was also the youngest sibling in an incredibly talented jazz family.


He was the youngest brother of the late great jazz guitarist, Wes Montgomery and exceptionally talented bassist, Monk Montgomery, otherwise known as the "Montgomery Brothers". Buddy truly enjoyed his career performing, recording music and creating one of a kind musical arrangements, but he wanted to do even more.  He set out to produce grand jazz festivals and create a means to teach youth about the histories and the jazz legends that came before them.


In the mid 1980’s he established a non-profit organization based in Oakland California called The Oakland Jazz Alliance.  Through the Oakland Jazz Alliance, he produced a number of jazz concerts and festivals and created a “Jazz in the Schools” program. Celebrity jazz artists volunteered their time to entertain and teach youth about the history of jazz.  This effort was one of Buddy’s most rewarding career experiences.

Project Efforts

The Buddy Montgomery Jazz Legacy Awards:  Presenting an annual awards event to recognize jazz artists for their musical contribution to the genre and for earning their place in the legacy of jazz music.


Select Talented Young Jazz Music Students: Offering jazz music students an opportunity to participate in the production of the BM Jazz Legacy Awards to learn first-hand how to showcase talent and produce a professional musical event.


The Buddy Montgomery Jazz Legacy Scholarship:   In partnership with the California Jazz Conservatory of Music, a continuing jazz music student is selected annually for their demonstrated musical and academic achievements as well as their historical awareness of the jazz genre.  

Interested in donating? Please visit the Buddy Montgomery donation page on the California Jazz Conservatory website.

Congratulations to BMJLA scholarship awardees

2017 Scholarship Award Recipient:  Jazz Vibraphonist - Dillon Vado


2019 Scholarship Award Recipient:  Jazz Drummer - Sheldon Alexander


2020 Scholarship Award Recipient:  Saxophone- Seth Marceau

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