A Music Legacy

Family of Music

William "Monk" Montgomery

John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery 

Charles "Buddy" Montgomery

Mykah Montgomery- The granddaughter of renowned jazz pianist and vibraphonist Buddy Montgomery and grandniece of legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery and bassist Monk has been singing since she could talk. The Montgomery bloodline is proof: Mykah has inherited a powerful legacy of rhythm and melody.

The lady’s instrument of choice is her voice, capable of reaching soprano heights while touching emotional depths. Blessed with the potential to redirect the sound of Adult Contemporary, R&B, NeoSoul, Jazz, and Pop, Mykah’s sound is a refreshing blend of tender vocal styling and future popular classics.

Miko Montgomery- "Jazz informs everything I do. To me, jazz is more than a form of music, Jazz is amentality. Jazz musicians strive to develop their abilities to the highest level. But they also do something else; they strive to develop a individual voice and a personal style that makes them different from others".  Miko Montgomery-
Monk, Wes and Buddy's Nephew Miko is a keyboardist/composer who plays an original style of EDM called "Technodelic Jazz". It’s an uptempo, danceable mix of techno, funk, and jazz. Miko's first release was called Cryptic Roots.